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Features of the Therapy Wrista Gloves


Prolotex™ Wrista Gloves


Use PROLOTEX™  Wrista Gloves for warming your wrist, reducing pain, swelling and inflammation.

The no finger design offers complete dexterity for keyboarding, texting and mousing. Can be worn under other gloves, mittens and wrist braces.

Far Infrared Wrista Gloves
made by Prolotex™!

Bio-Ceramic Wrista Gloves are excellent for treating wrist pain from tendinitis, Arthritis, Ganglions Cyst and will help relax the tension in the hands from Dupuytren's Disease (contracture of the hand).

Far Infrared Rays emitted from the Bio-ceramic impregnated fibers in the gloves improve the microcirculation of the cells & tissues in your hands and fingers.

The improved blood circulation helps to energize dormant cells. Increased molecular activity will regenerate the nerve endings, relax knotted tissue fibers, and increase the sensitivity - an important issue for those who have lost the feeling in their fingertips.

Prolotex™ Wrista Gloves

 for soothing & pain relief

Code: PRO-G31
Model: Wrista Gloves
5 Sizes XS, S, M, L, XL
Palm Type: With or Without Grip pad
Color: Black, Scarlett

The Far Infrared Wrista Gloves offer a smooth gentle sleeve design that is easy to wear day and night. 

Plus all the amazing healing benefits that Prolotex™ is famous for.


The SCARLETT Wrista Gloves are made with the Special Scarlett, Negative Ion Far Infrared Fabric.

Learn more about the Benefits of Negative Ions

Far Infrared Wrista Gloves

Black  - Smooth Palm

Far Infrared Wrista Gloves in Scarlett FIR

Scarlett  - Smooth Palm

Far Infrared Wrista Gloves with Palm Grips

Black  - With Pam Grip


Scarlett Far Infrared Wrista Gloves with Palm Grips

Scarlett  -  With Pam Grip


Measure for Wrista Gloves Size

All Gloves are Sold in Pairs. 




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