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Far Infrared Therapy Products we Carry
We currently offer the very popular brand of PROLOTEX™ Far Infrared Products. PROLOTEX™ has been shown to relieve pain and reduce inflammation. Prolotex Brand

New Grippy Gloves

Open Finger Gloves

Impressive Fit Gloves
for Men


infrared gloves for men

Regular Fit Gloves
for Men

Touchie Tip Gloves
Cell Phone Friendly


Regular Fit Gloves in Scarlett for Ladies

Regular Fit Gloves in Black for Ladies

Regular Fit Gloves in White for Ladies

 Classy Fit Gloves in Black

 Classy Fit Glove in White


Regular Fit Gloves for Kids


Wrista Gloves
in Scarlett unisex

Wrista Gloves
in Black unisex

Grippy Gloves

 Grippy Gloves



Cozy Fit Wristband
in Black

Cozy Fit Wristband
in White

Wrista Wrap

Knee Bands

Soothing Fit Knee Band 

Elbow Bands

Soothing Fit Elbow Band


Slim Fit Socks

Slim Fit Socks

Relaxed Fit Socks

Relaxed Fit Socks

Relaxed Fit Socks

Relaxed Fit Socks

Comfort Fit Socks

Comfort Fit Socks

Comfort Fit Socks

Comfort Fit Socks



Ionic Head Band

Eye Mask


Eternity-Care Scarf

Scarlet Wrap


Easy Fit Long Sleeve Shirt  - Ladies


Easy Fit Long Sleeve Shirt - Ladies

Sassy Fit Tank Top - Ladies


Easy Fit Short Sleeve T-Shirt  - Ladies

Easy Fit Short Sleeve T-Shirt - Ladies


Easy Fit Capri Pants for Ladies

Easy Fit Long Bottoms for Ladies


CASUAL FIT Long Sleeve Shirt for Men

Casual Fit Short Sleeve T-Shirt  - Men

CASUAL FIT FIR Pants for Men

More PROLOTEX™ Far Infrared Health products will be added to this site as they become available.





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