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What is Trigger Finger or Trigger Thumb?
"Trigger Finger" and "Trigger Thumb" is the term used to describe the condition when the tendon sheath narrows around the tendon of the finger and/or thumb. The tendon then becomes inflamed and swollen. 

The medical term is digital tenovaginitis stenosans. In more severe cases, a lump or nodule actually forms on the tendon and causes resistance to you opening your fingers and/or thumbs.

Thumb joint inflammation triggers open

Basically, the swollen tendons (usually caused from overuse - repetitive stress - of the tendons) are not able to move freely through the small "sockets" or "pipe like sleeves". When they finally do open or move, your finger will "unlock", "snap", "pop" or "trigger" open - similar to the action of releasing a trigger on a gun, hence the term "trigger finger".

The "triggering" is more apparent in the morning and is more common in women than in men, and in anyone with diabetes.


Treating Trigger Finger & Trigger Thumb
Getting some rest from the action or activity that is causing overuse of the tendons in your fingers and thumbs is always recommended. Some doctors have prescribed a brace or splint to keep your fingers in a more open position.

If you can avoid situations where you have to grip an object or machinery handle for long sessions that will help reduce the stress to your fingers. 

We recommend wearing Prolotex™ Far infrared Open Fingertip Therapy Gloves to help reduce the inflammation and reduce your pain.

NOTE: you can use Prolotex™ Gloves under a splint or brace - helps speed up the healing.

Prolotex™ OPEN FINGERTIP Gloves
are very effective in treating
"Trigger Finger" and "Trigger Thumb"

new model PRO-G22
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5 Sizes: Small, Medium, Large, XLarge, XXLarge
3 Widths: Narrow, Normal, Wide
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Why do Prolotex™ gloves help prevent Trigger Finger?
The threads in Prolotex™ products are impregnated with a safe formula of bio-ceramics that emit beneficial far infrared rays (FIR). These waves of soothing FIR energy penetrate deep into the tissues of your body and basically increase the molecular activity of the cells.


I received the gloves Tuesday afternoon, I type with them on.

I was in agony from flexor tendinitis - injury made worse by enforced and heavy use. My doctor said it was quote arthritis! I looked up trigger finger and found the correct diagnosis (actually, it's the thumb.) I am still extremely sore, but overnight there was a change, and now, Thursday afternoon, I can bend the thumb without the excruciating click!

I have no doubt that very soon my thumb will be healed. 

So, that's the report . I thank you so much. I hope you get many such notes of thanks! I wish you made small mats!

Now my question: when you say don't expose the gloves to direct sunlight, I assume that sunlight through glass panes is okay? I'd be grateful if you could let me know. I drive with them on, and sit in a sunny window!

Grace C.
Amy - 

Please feel free to use the testimonial. You have no idea how grateful I am! 

I have you permanently bookmarked!

Grace C.

Prolotex™ NEW
FIR Gloves

Code: PRO-G22
5 Sizes: Small, Medium, Large, XLarge, XXLarge
3 Widths: Narrow, Normal, Wide
Color: Black
Sug. Retail: $59.95/ pair
 Your Price: $43.95 US/ pair

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All New and Improved model of the best selling Infrared Gloves

Bio-Ceramic Glove

Increased molecular activity will help keep your hands healthier and prevent the tendon sheath from becoming restricted in the first place. The safe FIR waves help increase the microcirculation in your fingers and thumbs. More circulation means healthier cells & tissues.

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